Innovative Sugar Price Lists can be found here.

We offer canapes, platters, desserts and cakes for any occasions. Custom made quotations will be done for wedding cakes, as well as cakes not in our price list. For further information please contact us at or 0843997446 (WhatsApp Call or WhatsApp message)

Canapes, platters & desserts are available.

We are fully Halaal.

For platter catering, platters cater for approximately 10 people as finger foods (unless otherwise specified).  eg. If catering for 50 people, a variety of 5 savoury platters and 2 sweet platters would be recommended. More or less platters could be used if so desired.

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Price List 2020

Platters & Bulk Price List

Innovative Sugar Wedding Cakes

Frozen Savouries Price List